There are rats in the chicken coop…

Two weeks ago we had over a foot of snow.  In northern New England, we are used to this. Snow is beautiful, calming and peaceful. (That is until you venture out onto the roads)  Snow is also useful.  It keeps the kids busy, it covers up the dog poop you never scooped, it covers all of the gray and grunge from salt and sand over previously iced roads, and it highlights the winter movement of critters of all kinds.

It was because of the latter mentioned feature that we realized that we indeed had rats eating our chicken grain.Image

Mr. Gray reported that he had seen a small dark form scurrying a week or so before the big storm, but he dismissed it.  Now there is a box of rat poison positioned carefully at the entrance to their lair.  (Err, at least ONE entrance).  Tonight as I was plating up a beautiful Saturday night supper of pan fried scallops and roasted sweet potatoes, I asked Mr. Gray to dish up two bowls of salad.  He couldn’t help me you see, because he stood, transfixed, at the window, with a look of awe on his face and exclaimed “There is a rat in the chicken coop! No, there are TWO rats in the chicken coop!”  Eeeeeeeeeeek! (I said that, not Mr. Gray)  Of course I had to come and take a look, and indeed, they look just like the above photo.  It was comical to watch as the chickens chased them around and at one point I was tickled and horrified at the same time, to see one of them hop straight up into the air and back down again.

I pray that there are some morsels removed from the coop in the morning.  Puhleez. I seriously honestly truly, detest rats.



2 comments on “There are rats in the chicken coop…

  1. mariegray75 says:

    i am happy to report that the rats lived a short life. They.Are.Gone!!

  2. arlene says:

    Glad to hear you got rid of them!! I can’t. even. imagine. I live in Alberta, and honesty, the best thing is that Alberta is rat-free. If there is a sighting (they do get across the borders on occasion) we have dedicated teams of patrols whose job is the hunt them down and eradicate them. Seriously, have you seen Ratatoulle?

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