Homesteading or Blogging, you choose! or…I choose?

I have not had time for either homesteading or blogging for the past few weeks, we have been knee deep in real-estate business.  We have listed out home for sale which prompted some skeeziks (that’s a made  word) to hijack our listing and use it for a rental scam on Craig’s List.  Next, perhaps related, perhaps unrelated, someone dialed 911 from my landline…into which NO phone is plugged.  Yeah.  Strange.

Then we proceeded to make an offer on a piece of land that we’d previously turned our noses up at….and now we have it under contract and we’re jumping through every hoop that the bank can pull out of their bag of tricks.  It’s nearly perfect for homesteading.  It’s 3.25 acres.  Only 1/2 acre is the building lot, the rest is all woods, so we have firewood, streams, and plenty of room to clear off for critters!  The gardens will have to be raised beds because it’s fairly rocky and clay laden.

In the mean time, the babies have gotten so big!  We don’t seem to have any roosters which is good….but they are rapidly outgrowing their coop, so we need to relocate the older hens to make room for the smaller ones.  I think our 4 Amber Links and our last remaining Rhode Island Red will go live at the farm, as they are still good layers.

Here are the babies.  I especially love the Auracanas, so i took a few extra snaps of them.




One comment on “Homesteading or Blogging, you choose! or…I choose?

  1. p3farm says:

    Yay for new adventures and the excitement and stress of selling and buying! Good luck! And looking forward to hearing all about it, when you have time 🙂

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