The further I go, the behinder I get!

I’m behind! I’m late! I’m out of wack, stumbling in the rear of the crowd!  Seriously.  We embarked on a hurry up and buy before the rates go up real estate adventure this summer that somehow , along with a new job after 8 years of the old one REALLY thew me for a loop from which I have been trying to untangle myself.

Our homestead garden, through beautifully thick with weeds, is producing some lovely corn, green beans, last years tomatoes and two types of “yet to be identified” squash.

The farm garden …. *sigh*  wasn’t so much fun this year, and didn’t have a tremendous yield.  Darnit, they never look as pretty s the gardens in the Johnny’s  catalog, why IS that???  Bless my Mother’s heart because she is a paraeducator who stays home all summer, her job, is the garden.  We’ve harvested red and green kale, beets, carrots, early red potatoes, lettuce, green beans, summer squash,  and zucchini.  It’s nearly time for the regular taters and both red and yellow onions.  We did not yield enough for two household.  I have been too lazy to go pick and can my share because the home improvements to the current homestead are exhausting, especially when coupled with the constant hoop-jumping needed to buy the next piece of real estate.  Thank goodness it’s just land, much easier than buying land AND a house.

Having complained through an entire post said all of that, I have recently become quite fond fond of the following blog, and wanted to share.

The Deliberate Agrarian 

I admire Herrick’s lifestyle, his ideas, his writing style and his commitment to his faith and family.  Thank you Herrick for keeping me motivated to keep moving in the self sufficient direction when the rat race and real estate beats me down!

G’night good people….


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