Beans, beans and more beans!

Before I launch into this weeks missive on my planting/preserving plan, I have to tell you…we have had SO much snow this winter in Southern Vermont, it’s completely overwhelming.  I have not seen snowfall of this magnitude in many many years.  Last week’s snowstorm brought us 20″ of snow.  We are back to the days of not being able to see what’s coming down the street because the snowbanks are too high!  On the bright side, out of our 10 hens, we are now getting 6 eggs per day, and every day, there are two eggs that are either blue or green. So excited about that!


Green Beans

Harvest time: July-August (In Vermont)

How to prepare: Feed through a “frenching” machine, steam, or my favorite, ROAST!!!  Toss with olive oil and plenty of salt and roast at 400 until brown and sizzling! So delish.   Another nice preparation is to steam them, and then finish the drained green beans in a hot pan with melted butter and garlic..toss them until lightly golden brown.

Preservation plan:
Blanche and freeze
Pickle with garlic and dill
Least desirable plan: chop and freeze for soups/stews

Green beans are pretty basic, pretty simple. They are either bush beans or pole beans….you either eat them fresh or let them mature and pop out the “seeds” to use later as dried beans, you can either replant them, or cook them.  I prefer to eat them fresh, young and tender.  I’m not crazy about frozen green beans in the supermarket, but I do like home frozen green beans.

Leave me a comment with your favorite green bean recipe!!


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