The chill of winter is upon us, and I need a place to plant my seeds!

It’s 17 degrees here in Southern Vermont today.  The wind is blowing at a pretty constant rate with the exception of the 50 mph gusts.  The chickens are still on the ground though every time I walk by the window I fully expect to see them go flying by the window.

Despite the fact that the winter chill is upon us, I want to talk to you about gardening and containers, or other alternative food growing strategies.

We came to the realization today, that we are not going to be able to have a garden next year.  We can’t begin breaking ground for our new house until April 15th.  After that day we are going to be busy for sure, but every place where we might have put our garden, is likely to get dug up by the excavator in order to set the basement for our new digs.  Hmmph.

This has me thinking about container gardening.  There are countless posts out there about container gardening, I’m not uncovering any long lost unknown gardening secrets here, I get that.  There are pots, rubbermaid totes, cardboard boxes for potatoes etc.

We do have 3.25 acres to play with, but not knowing what will be dug up or driven over, I think it’s best not to plant anything in the cleared spaces.  What I DO have an abundance of….is forest.  Imagine how reach and peaty the soil is out there?  I suppose though, that the deer would probably agree with me.  Scratch that!

I’ve also considered getting involved in a CSA so that at least I’ll have fresh veggies each week, but you know…I live in Vermont.  There are Farmer’s Markets all summer long, produce stands on every country road, do I really need to commit to a box full of stuff I might not be in the mood to use?

I’m being whiny, I know that.  Bear with me.  What are your favorite alternative gardening solutions? Where’s the wackiest place you’ve grown a tomato? Zucchini? Help a girl out!?

Leave a comment for me below, pretty please?