Let it snow, let it snow….oh gosh please stop the snow!!!

When you live in New England, you expect a certain amount of crappy winter weather. So far this year we have had two storms resulting in very slick roads, but very little accumulation. Mother nature has made up for her shortcomings however. Last night we were gifted with about 18″ of white fluffy snow. It’s actually still snowing.Image

It’s pretty, it’s fluffy, it’s cold. My smallest dog likes to bury her head in it and burrow like a pig with the appropriate snorting noises to accompany her work. The chickens are not impressed…..they will considerably shrink their wandering territory to exclude the snowy portions of their yard. So funny, our last flock didn’t mind one bit.


The one thing that i do worry about with this much snow, is the roof. Not just my roof actually, roofs all around me. It’s a light “dry” snow (It’s been bitterly cold lately) but if it starts to warm up, if we get some rain, then some homes will be in danger of roof caves ins, ice dams, and leaks.

Our new property is probably really pretty this morning, in fact I can’t wait to see it and take some photos. Unfortunately, this means Mr. Gray will have to use snowshoes to hike up into the woods to cut down his firewood for next winter. There’s little chance of either of our vehicles making it up that hill from this day forward.
Thank goodness we are taking the family to Florida in one week for Christmas, it will be a little easier to come back and endure the rest of winter. I’ve heard we are in for a LOT of snow.